Difeisi DFS AC 0001 E26 9W WIFI A19 RGB CCT Smart Bulb 810LM AC100 130V Works with Alexa and Google Assistant for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Brand: Difeisi
Model: DFS-AC-0001
Base: E26
Voltage Input: AC100-130V/60Hz
Power: 9W
PF: ≥0.5
Color Temperature: RGB+CCT, 2700K-6500K+RGB
Lumen: 810LM
CRI: ≥80
Interactive Method: APP Control, Sound Activated

For E27 Model DFS-EC-0001, Please click HERE.

● Use colorful colors to wake up smart life
The smart bulb adopts a high-quality photoelectric scheme, and the color temperature and brightness can be adjusted steplessly. It supports the dual smart system of Alexa and Google Assistant, adding more dreams and surprises to smart homes.
● 16 million true colors, the atmosphere is also colorful
Optimal optical and electronic solution, with professional light mixing technology, can achieve 16 million color changes, uniform light emission, and pure color. Easily create the dreamy atmosphere you want, suitable for a variety of scenarios.
● Free adjustment of brightness and color temperature, ideal light matching
Warm light, bright and pure white light, can be adjusted according to your preferences. The warm and cold light and dark, accompanied by emotional blooming, create the home temperature you want.
● Music rhythm, colorful light effects, enjoy carnival
Turn on the "Music Rhythm" function to make the lights "dance" with the music, like a dream. Create romantic surprises and party carnivals.
● Support voice control, easy to play smart life
Connect to Alexa and Google Assistant, wake up by voice to control the lights. You can also customize your own personalized manufacturers, link with the products of global ecological partners, and explore more ways to play smart life.
● Remote control anytime, anywhere
Built-in WiFi module, no need to match the gateway, directly connected to the home router can be used. The light can be controlled anytime and anywhere through the APP.
● Eight scene modes, one key switch
Eight color lighting modes have been set up for you at the factory, and you can switch with one key through the App, and you can even freely design personalized scenes with thousands of colors, which can be changed as you like.
● Standard interface, rich application scenarios
Standard E27 universal screw lamp holder, compact and convenient, easy to install, can be adapted to many types of lamps. Suitable for living room, dining room, study room, bedroom...
● Exquisite quality, craftsmanship
Optimal photoelectric solution, the luminous efficiency is as high as 90lm/W, which is equivalent to the brightness of 60W incandescent lamp. Long service life, guaranteed quality, keep company for longer.

Package Included:
1 x E26 AC100-130V Smart Bulb