Hailicare Car Home Massage Heating Cushion 7 Motor Vibration 3 Gears Hot Compression Chair Cushion for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Skin Care

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Product Specification

Features :

- There is a remote control, one-key start, simple operation, 7 motors vibrate for massage.

- Choose different gears and modes, you can make different places vibrate, choose different areas such as neck, buttocks, waist.

- The massage intensity is adjusted in 3 levels, and the intensity can satisfy a variety of people.

- 3 areas of fever, buttocks, waist and neck, warm compress, comfortable temperature.

- Durable motor, overheating protection.

Specifications :

Material: Polyester Fabric

Product Color: Black

Gross Weight: 1Kg

Product Size: 49.5x10x30cm/19.48x3.93x11.81in

Package Included :

1 x Massage Cushion

1 x Home Adapter

1 x Car Adapter

1 x Manual