3D Electric Full Body Slimming Massager Red Light Vibration Heating Meridian Brush Roller Body Slim Fitness Tool for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Skin Care

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Product Specification

Features :

- Micro-current Treatment
Can stimulate the circulatory system and promote your muscles to exercise fiber tissue which will help increase skin elasticity to restore the vigorous appearance with improved skin condition.
- Hot Compress
Soothing heating can relieve muscle tense and stiffness to soften the skin, also can expel cold and dampness to relax your body fatigue, joint aches and pains.
- Vibration Massage
5 adjustable vibration gears can fully meet your multipurpose demands, to effectively wake up the skin cells and accelerate the cell metabolism to reduce stubborn fat and dredge to achieve slim and body shaping effect.
- LED Light Skin Care
Beneficial red light can improve blood flow and speed up metabolism to eliminate venous congestion for skin rejuvenating and anti-aging effect.
- Easy to Use
Allows you to press the buttons for user-friendly control experience, and 30pcs brush bristles can quickly massage on larger areas of your body, time saving and practical. 

Specifications :

Material: ABS
Shell Color
Gold(As Picture Shown)
Input Voltage
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage
DC 9V 2000mA
Vibration Gear
2 Adjustable Gears
Micro-current Gear
5 Adjustable Gears
Heating Temperature
35℃-55℃(5 Adjustable Gears)
Product Size
Approx. 22.2x10x7cm/8.74x3.93x2.75in

Package Included :

1 x Main Unit with Power Cable
1 x User Manual