360 Degree Round Rotating Automatically Turntable Display Stand Photography Studio Prop Shooting Stand for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Shooting Props

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Product Specification


The third speed regulation is 2-4-6 revolutions per minute respectively
The maximum load-bearing capacity is 4 kg-3 kg-2 kg according to different rotating speeds
Forward and reverse rotation function
Set the round-trip rotation function according to the rotation angle. The round-trip rotation angles can be set to 45-90-180-360 degrees respectively
There are four power supply modes to choose from: USB direct insertion AC power supply, USB charging treasure power supply, three ordinary 7th batteries power supply, 18650 rechargeable lithium battery power supply
Power ON:touch any keys.
R/L:switch to clockwise or counterclockwise.
SR: speed regulation,2r/4r/6r/min.
ASA:angle regulation,45°/90°/180°/360° circulation.
IN 5V:MicroUSB 5V DC IN.
Power OFF:long press any keys for 3 seconds.
1865 lithium battery or 3 AAA battery(not include).
Charge LED indicator(built-in):red-charging,green-fully charged
Diameter: 138mm
Size: 138 x 35mm
Weight: 2.5KG

Battery is not included
Pakcage Included:
1 x Photograohy Rotation Stand
1 x USB Cable