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Shavers And Hair Removal

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Product Specification

Technology has changed life, IPL photon technology.
Say goodbye to traditional hair removal methods.
Hair removal and rejuvenation to make your skin smooth,Safe and reliable.
Adjustable light intensity in 5 speed.

Dual Mode Operation:
Manual Mode: Suiteable for small area hair removal ,such as underarm,and lip,etc.
Auto Mode: Suiteable for large area hair removal, such as leg,arm,etc.

Upgrade to 999,900 flashes, It takes 20,000 flashes hair removais per person, and 999.900 can provide 40-50 persons hair removal.
Enjoy beauty salon hair removal at home.The effect is the same as beauty salon,convenient and hygienic at home. Suitable for the wholebody.
A+Quartz tube:  Safe and effective, painless and permanent hair removal, applicable to the whole body
Good hair removal effect.high temperature.resistance,safe to use and long life.

8 weeks ,regeneration clean and smooth skin.
(1).  1-3 weeks, 2-3 times a week: The hair begins to fall off naturally and the hair is greatly reduced.
(2). 4-5 weeks, twice a week: Newbom long-term hair loss and inhibit growth, maintain smooth skin.
(3). 6-7 weeks, once a week: The hair becomes thinners and less, no longer rebounds,keeping the body smooth and tenders.
(4). Weeks 8,Later Successful hair removal: Depending on the state of hair growth, you can use it selectively.and no need to repeatedly remove hair .

Steps for usage:
1. Use a shaving knife to remove body hair before depilation.
2. Connect the power plug and power cable.
3. Wear goggle to avoid  galare.
4. Press the button tum on the device,and choose the Level 1 for the first time .
5. Align the skin and press the flash button to remove the hair.
6. After depilation,you can use moisturiaing skin care products,such as aloe vera gel,et.

Package list:
1x Epilator
1x Power adaptor
1x Glass
1x Shaving knife
1x User Manual ( Language: English, Frangais, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
1x Product Box