Guudgo USB Air Purifying Sterilizer USB Carbon Purifying Smoke and Dust Air Cleaner Aromatherapy for Formaldehyde Removal Air Purifier

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Product Specification


 Purify the odor in the air, formaldehyde, PM2.5, built-in negative ion sterilization function, effectively purify the pollution caused by smog, Dust, pollen, secondhand smoke, allergens.

Instructions for use: Touch 1 for 3 gears (red light), then touch 1 for 2 gears (blue light), then touch 1 for 1 gear (green light), press and hold for 3 seconds to power off

Button Light Display:

3 gears (red light), 2 gears (blue light), 1 gear (green light)

Product Description:

Built-in high-efficiency activated carbon filter, it is recommended to replace one in 3 months for use in the car, one for 2 months in home use, and one for 1 month in office.

The user can directly define the replacement cycle according to air quality and usage requirements.


 Voltage: 5V1A

Interface: USB universal

Colour: Black

Control method: mechanical

Use area: within 10 square meters

Noise: less than 36db
 Power: 3W

Weight: about 330g

Size: 65 x 65 x 185mm

 Package Includes:

 1 x USB Air Purifying Sterilizer