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Security Alarm System

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Product Specification


1. 1150FT Transmission Distance: The receiver range will detect your sensors from 1150 feet away while there are no obstructions. While tested in real-world settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles, transmission range can reach up to 500ft. (Please note: extra heavy interference such as thick walls, metal siding, tall hills, and many trees will diminish the wireless range.)

2. No More False Alarm: With adjustable detective distance switch, you can change the detect distance from 6 to 12 meters. Moreover, this system comes with two motion sensor covers, you can change the detective view angle from 110Âdegres to 10Âdegres to reduce false alarms from small animals and objects like birds and falling leaves; Super infrared penetrating power reduce false alarms from the bad weather such as rain/snow or other natural light sources interference such as sunshine.

3. Customizable System: Each zone will vary from LED light flash which it†s sure easy to tell which zone is intruded. If you are looking for some diversity, this system has it all.

4. Super Easy Installation: No wires to run, no installation hassles. Put in the batteries and place the wireless motion sensor and alarm receiver wherever you want. The receiver and the sensor are paired out of the box, you'll be up and running in minutes.

5. Extra Long Battery Life: Receiver can be powered on both by power adapter and battery, while the sensor is powered on 2 AA batteries which can last at least half year (Each outdoor sensor can be triggered 35000 times.) Long battery using ensure that you don't have to keep on top of the battery and taking the driveway alarm with you on a camping trip.


Alarm Panel:
Power: DC 5V / 3x AAA battery(Battery is NOT included)
Detection Distance: <100m (open area)
Alarm sound: 110dB
Working Humidity: <80%
Color: Black/White

Waterproof Motion Detector:

Power: DC 3V/ 2 x AA battery(Battery is NOT included)
Detection Distance: <6-12m (open area)
Detection angle: 90 degrees
Outdoor usage: waterproof(IPV4)
Installation height: 1-2m (vehicle), 2-4m (human)
Color: Black/White

Package includes:

1 x DW9 Alarm Panel (Battery is NOT included)
6 x P861 FSK Motion Sensor (Battery is NOT included)