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Product Specification

Xiaomi Nums smart keyboard For Xiaomi 13.3 Air Laptop

Quickly to Enter Numbers with One Hand

Nums gives the numeric keypad for you, reducing fingers movement by 66% and increasing input efficiency.

Fast Start All Kinds of Application

A hotkey matrix consisting of multiple blocks provides you with ample space for content, dragging your favorite web pages, programs or files into, then can start it with a swipe.

Luckey Searching

“Alt+S” to start Luckey searching, It's easy to search multiple portals simultaneously. Nums can sort according to your search habits. Improve the efficiency of office, study, and even shopping.

Stable Software Driver System

Go to the official website (www.luckey.cn) downloads the driver, installs and opens it. Does not affect the original function of the touchpad, and is compatible with the win10 gesture. Easy to install and easy to use.

Model: Air13.3

Product Details
Executive standard:GB/T 2423.1/2-2008

Weight & Dimensions
Product Weight:0.120kg
Product Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 1.6 cm     

Package Contents
1 x Ultra-thin smart keyboard 
1 x User Manual