Flexible Laptop Monitor Film 15 4inch Clear Laptop Monitor Screen Protector For Macbook 15 Pro A1707/A1826 for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Screen Protectors

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Product Specification


1. Clear, High Transparency

Clear restore real machine bright color, let you enjoy gorgeous visual impact.

2. Oil And Water Repellent

Nano oil release electroplating coating can effectively disintegrate and separate oil stains and make the screen clean and clear at all times.

3. Wear and scratch-resistant

9h hardness screen, anti-burst and scratch, extend the service life.

4. Avoid Blue Light

Anti-blue light coating, avoid blue light radiation and other injuries, take care of our eyes.

5. Adhesion

The laminating surface adopts electrostatic automatic adsorption, which can be applied to the surface gently without bubbles.

6. Glass Fiber

It has strong flexibility, retains the characteristics of thin, transparent and anti-pollution, and can bend without breaking.


Name: Flexible Laptop Monitor Film

Material: Plastic

Size: 15.4 inch

Suitable For: Apple Macbook 13 Pro A1707, A1826

Package Included:

1 x Monitor Film