Paron JX C8025 45 135 Adjustable Universal Angle Cutter Mitre Shear with Blades Screwdriver Tools for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Model 1 JX-1802
Overall length 230MM
Shear angle 45°-135°
Maximum shear width 48MM
Maximum opening 53MM
Minimum opening 20MM
Weight 330g

Model 2 JX-1802-A
Overall length 230MM
Maximum shear width 59MM
Maximum opening 53MM
Minimum opening 10MM
Weight 305g

Model 3 JX-1802-B
Overall length 230MM
Blade width 65MM
Pipe size 1  5/8''-16MM
Pipe size 2 3/4''-19MM
Weight 315g
Model 4 JX-1802-C
Overall length 230MM
Maximum shear length 43MM
Blade width  65MM
Longside length  30MM
Shortside length  27MM
Weight 320g

Model 5 JX-1802-D
Overall length 230MM
Blade width 65MM
Pipe size 1''-25MM
Weight 305g


-Use lock design to save space.

-The design of the lengthened handle saves the cutting effort.

-New design reinforced adjustable dial,the scale is clear,precise and efficient.

-New set of box pliers scissors tools,five models are available for replacement.

-With tong head mould,removable, replaced, installed with other specifications.
-SK5 blades are sharper and more durable, not rusty, and cut easily and cleanly.

-The scissors are suitable for cutting slot, plastic, branches, lead, splint, soft package etc.

-Professional pliers scissors tool kit,with 5pcs JX-1802 dies(JX-1802, JX-1802AJX-1802B, JX-1802C, JX-1802D),1 pcs angle board and screwdriver, dies change quickly and easily with a screwdriver.

Note: These scissors are not suitbale for cutting steel meterials.

Package Included:

1 x Pliers Scissors Tools Kit:

 Scissors  1 pcs
Angle board 1 pcs
Screwdriver 1 pcs
Blade 1 pcs
Auxiliary board 4 pcs