50Pcs Disposable Mask Gasket Replacement Pad for Anti-Dust Filter Protection for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

1. Effectively extend the use days of masks
2. Three layers plus soft non-woven fabric, double-layer protection is more secure,adsorb dust and odor to protect the inside of the mask
3. Multi Effect Isolation,more secure protection
4. Safe and hygienic, easy to carry
5. More dustproof
6. Waterproof and breathable
7. Suitable for all kinds of masks,professional protective mask,disposable medical mask,ordinary civil masks
Type: Rectangle / Round
Material: Non woven fabric
Color: Blue
Rectangle size: 10.5 x 13cm
Round size: 11 x 11cm

How to use:
After washing your hands, tear the packaging and remove the product.
Unfold the mask pad and remove the sticker.
Place the mask pad in the mask.

1. It is recommended to replace it once every 2 hours, and the single piece should not exceed 4 hours.
2. It is recommended to take 5 tablets out of the house every day and to change them every 2 hours between 9 am and 6 pm. On the way to work, it is recommended to replace the mask directly if you are traveling on vehicles with a high crowd density.
3. Use disposable masks during working hours, 3-5 masks can be held; on the way to and from work, it is suggested to change directly. Once arrived at the destination, a mask can meet the demand for working time in one day by changing the mask pads.

Package included:
50 x Replacement mask pad(mask is not included)
 Detail Pictures: