GIIKER Smart Space Four Men Chess Three dimensional Space Checkerboard bluetooth Networking Adults and Children Puzzle Games AI Battle with Light Reminder from Xiaomi Youpin for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. The rules are simple and easy to understand: the smart space four-piece chess requires the player to complete the four-piece connection in a 5x5x5 three-dimensional space, and the one who wins!

2. Intelligent multi-function buttons: You can record the steps of both parties through the multi-function buttons on the board, report errors in real time when you violate the rules, prompts for winning, and match interesting game sound effects.

3. Light reminder of the move: The chessboard has a light reminder function, which can visually display the current position of the move.

4. AI sparring, no need to connect to the Internet: Built-in AI robots with three difficulty levels, one person can start the game at any time.

5. Built-in light-off game: In addition to the space four-in-one chess gameplay, the board also supports light-off gameplay, three difficulty levels are automatically set, unlimited levels, and puzzle decompression.

6. bluetooth networking: You can connect to the supporting App via bluetooth, and you can play online battles with friends or players from all over the world at home!

7. Original magnetic design: With a light touch, it automatically adjusts the position and is not easy to slip.

8. Minimalist design, won many international awards




 GIIKER from Xiaomi Youpin


 Smart Four Men Chess



Main material


Battery type

 3.7V lithium battery

Charging interface

 USB Type-c

Connection method

 Bluetooth connection

Board size


Packing size


Package weight

 about 1.7kg


Package Included:

1 X


36 X

 Black chess piece

36 X

 White chess piece

1 X

 Charging cable

1 X