FERTILE RS1335 110V/220V 60V 5A Continuous ConductivityDC Power Supply Variable Adjustable Switching Regulated High Precision Digital for Lab Equipment for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Science Education

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Product Specification


1. Three outputs, one output all the way all the way.

2. Use four groups of LED displays to display the two output voltage values and current values respectively.

3. It has its own voltage stabilization, current stabilization function, and CV/CC active conversion.

4. Voltage and current output.

5. Automatic tracking output.

6. Automatic string operation.

7. Release to use, double voltage output.

8. Auxiliary use, double current output.


Display (V/A)
Plug (Optional)EU Plug / US Plug

Technical Indicators

1. Voltage Stabilization Characteristics

CH1,CH2 Output voltageDC 0-30V
Source effect
≤1×10-4+3mV (Âmore or less10% of the rated source voltage)
Load effect≤2×10-4+5mV
Output current
Ripple and noise
≤1mV (5Hz-1MHz)
Recovery time
≤100μs (50% load change, minimum load 0.5A)
Temperature drift

2. Steady Flow Characteristics

CH1,CH2 Output currentDC 0-3/5A
Source effect
Load effect≤2×10^(-3)+3mA
Ripple and noise

3. Tracking Characteristics

Series characteristics

Source effect
Load effect

Parallel characteristics

Source effect
Load effect
≤2×10^(-4)+5mV (Output current ≥3A)

4. Features of Digital Display Panel Table

1) Two groups of 3-digit voltage LED 0.56 display

    Display accuracy is Âmore or less(0.5%+2d)

2) Two groups of 3-digit current LED 0.56 display

    Display accuracy is Âmore or less(0.5%+2d)

5. CH3 Output Characteristics

Source effect
Load effect≤15mV
Ripple and noise
≤2mArms (5Hz-1MHz)
Output voltage range
2.2V-5.2VÂmore or less8% Continuously adjustable
Output current range

Produce Included:

1 XStabilizer
1 XFuse
1 XPower cable
1 XMannul