Eloam S500P Book Document Scanner 5 MP LED A4 HD CMOS Sensor with OCR Function Convert to PDF Business Card Scanner for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Innovative design, flexible upright and foldable structure. generous and high-grade appearance.

High speed scanning, 5.0 Mega Pixels HD scanning, 1 second shooting
5.0 Mega pixels HD camera, 1 second shooting, scanning and displaying name card , bar code , document ,bill, invoice, file, data, 3D object and so on. Short fixed focus time and clearer image.

1W high power 360 degree wide angle lens LED supplement light
Built-in a LED supplement light with 1W high power 360 degree wide angle lens, meet the needs of weak light shooting environments.

Only one click to convert pictures to PDF file, can be read in a variety of equipment.

Connected to the printer to print scanning files, Send network fax and E-mail, Realize office integration.