TOPSHAK TS SD2 130W Mouse Detail Sander Small Sander with 12Pcs Sandpapers Dust Collection Box Hand Sander EU/US Plug for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

  Main Features:


  â— High Performance Copper Motor

     Runs at 13,500 laps per minute with 130W of power for smooth sanding.1.6 mm Diameter High Eccentric

laps, creates larger sanding area.

  â— Mouse Head Design,One-hand operation. 

     Facilitates deal with the detail of the woodworking in difficult-to-reach edges.

  â— 12PCS Sandpapers

      80 Grits: rough sanding, metal rust/painted wood removal

      120 Grits: surface smoothness and minor defects removal

      180 Grits: fine polishing prior to staining priming sealing

  â— Efficient Dust Collection

     The powerful 6 vacuum hole catches a lot of debris into the dust box. Removable transparent dust box, no

     longer be bothered by dust.

 â— Self-Adhesive Disc Design

     The hook and loop velcros makes replacing sandpaper easy.

 â— Heat Dissipation Holes

     Effectively reduce the machine body heat.





Name: 130W Mouse Detail Sander

Model: TS-SD2


   EU Plug

   Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz

   Rated input power: 130W

   No-load Speed: 13500 r/min

   Base Size: 140*140*80mm

   Cable Length: 2m with EU Plug


   US Plug

   Rated Voltage: 120V/60Hz

   Rated Input Power: 1.1A

   No-load Speed: 13500 r/min

   Base Size: 5.5*5.5*3.1inch

   Cable Length: 2m with US Plug;





1x TOPSHAK TS-SD2 130W Mouse Detail Sander

12x Sandpapers

1x Plug (EU/US Optional)

1X Dust Box