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Product Specification

Protable Wireless Terminal GSM Desk Phone SIM Card Mobile Desktop Telephone 
Operating Frequency : GSM900MHz and GSM1800MHz
Output Power : 
GSM900 way : Class 4 (2W)
GSM1800 mode : Class 1 (1W)
Working Temperature : 0 ~ 55 degree
Relative Humidity : 5 % to 95%
Adapter Input Voltage: AC 50Hz, 220V +10%
Backup Battery: Ni-MH battery ,1000 mAh
Standby Time : 48-72 hours , depending on the network status may be ( battery power )
Talk Time: 2-6 hours, depending on the network status may be ( battery power )
Charging Time: for the first time more than 12 hours , after 6 hours
Shell Material: Plastic
Size: about 20x15.4x4.9cm
Color: Black
-- Support short message
- 2G network, support 4G mobile phone card
-- Large -capacity phone book ( 200 PCS)
-- Second support DTMF dialing
-- User personalization volume setting
-- Support sung live ring tones
-- Provide the screen backlight
-- Support emergency call service
-- Antenna interface can be connected to an indoor antenna
-- Standard antenna interface can be connected to the indoor and outdoor antenna
-- ETS3125i GSM cordless wireless desk phone
-- It has caller ID, call history , call dial the area code and hands free function
-- High-quality voice services (FR, EFR, HR speech coding)
-- Supplementary services: such as emergency calls, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, three-way calling
Package Included:
1X Wirelss Desk Telephone
1X DC adapter