SBB5089 SZA2044 2 4GHz 1W 30dBm RF Power Amplifier Microwave One way Power Amplifier for Sale with BTC on


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RF Amplifier

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Product Specification


1. 2.4G video transmission, jammer power amplifier
2. WIFI launch, Bluetooth launch, data transmission module launch
3. Electromagnetic compatibility launch system
4. Software radio transmitter


Power supply: TYPE-C line;
Module frequency range: 1G-3GHz (wideband power amplifier);
Gain: 40DB (refer to the measured curve for different frequencies);
Current: 2A; (5V/2A power adapter is recommended)
P1dB=30dBm@2GHz (1W)
Output interface: SMA female
Input and output impedance: 50 ohms
Volume: 4.5 x 3 x 1.4cm (without protruding SMA),
Weight: 66g (including host + TYPE-C cable);

Package included:

1 x Host with aluminum alloy shell