DATA FROG 1 Pairs L2 R2 Buttons Trigger Extenders Gamepad Pad for PlayStation 4 PS4/PS4 Slim/Pro Game Controller Accessories for Sale with BTC on


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Made of high quality ABS material, the L2 R2 external trigger extenders will increase speed and improve accuracy.
Gain the benefits of gameplay by increasing the range of motion of the controller and maximizing flexibility, accuracy and grip.
7 colors design, decorate your controller in different colors to make your controller stand out among many players.
Help to hit the L2 and R2 buttons fairly easily, Increase the button response for games, perfect for people with big hands.
Rest your fingers. Helps with trigger grip and ergonomics.
No skills need, just install on original L2 R2.


Package Included:


1 X R2 L2 Trigger Extenders