Lintratek KW13A-GSM Wireless Network Signal Booster LTE 2G 3G 4G 900mhz Band Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


*Model Number: KW13A-GSM
*Frequency: 900MHz
*Output power: 13±2dbm
*Gain: 60±2dB
*Power supply: DC5V1.5A
*Working temperature: -10c~550
*Weight: <0.3KG
*Size: 130x100x200m
*Coverage: About 50-200㎡, without barrier
*Scope of application:Villas, basements, subway tunnels, dense urban villages and other projects Family home indoor
and outdoor mobile phone no signal environment wireless network signal reception enhancement amplifier


Different operators may use different frequencies. We recommend that you check the frequency before purchasing! Thank you very much.

Installation Steps:

1. Outdoor receiver Yagi or logarithmic antenna: need to be installed horizontally and horizontally
2. Note: The outdoor antenna and the host cable must be separated by a straight line distance of more than 8 meters,
and there must be a solid wall in the middle
3. BTS host port: connect to 12m cable receiving antenna
4. MS host port: connect to a 2-meter mushroom head antenna (not included in the product, need to be purchased separately)

Package Including:

*1 x Signal Amplifier
*1 x Power Adapter(US Plug)
*1 x Outdoor Antenna
*1 x Indoor Antenna
*1 x 10m 3D Cable