FKG R Single Channel Relay Electronic Switch Model Airplane Remote Control Single Pole Double Throw Controller for Sale with BTC on


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Relay Module

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Product Specification


1. With hysteresis input characteristics
2. Prevent manual operation jitter
3. Flexible application of single-pole double-throw contacts
4. Strong anti-interference ability
5. The output terminal is isolated from the signal input terminal

Application scope:

Contactor coil control
Relay coil control
Port switch signal control
Lighting control
motor control

Rated parameters:
Signal line input voltage: 5V-8V/DC (need to get power from the receiver)
Maximum power consumption current: 400mA (need to fetch power from the receiver to pull in the relay)
Angle contact pull-in current: 20A
Control mode: output with hysteresis curve

Limit parameters:
Limit input voltage (contact): 120V/DC (MAX)
Limit output current: 20A (MAX)
Material: PCB+metal
Color: Black + Blue

Package included:

1 x FKG-R controller