DC5 32V RF 433MHz Ewelink Tuya Smart ZB 2CH Relay Module RF Remote Control Light Switch Works with Alexa Google Home for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Relay Module

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Product Specification


Supports manage numerous Smart switches on one smart phone.
Supports status tracking: it will show device status timely in the Tuya or "Smart life".
Supports remotely turn on/off household appliances, such as light, electric kettle, electric rice cooker, electric curtain, etc.
Supports enabled 8 time schedule/countdown/ cycle timers for each device.
Voice Control: Compatible perfectly with "Amazon" Alexa, Google Assistant

DIY 3 Working Modes:

1. Inching mode: Switch on channel 1, channel 1 will be automatically closed after 0.7 seconds. The inching time can set in the APP
Other channel is same to the channel 1 .(you can also change the inching time on the APP
and need enter into the self-lock or interlock mode
2. Self-locking: each channel could be switched on/off seperately.
3. Interlock mode: Switch on any channel, other channels will be switched off automatically.

If you need to change the mode, you need to press the mode button
Work with Tuya Zb hub or Zb2mqtt, Zb 3.0 hub etc....
The Zb relay module support Zb protocol,
It require Tuya zb hub,so you can add the device in Tuya or "Smart life" APP.


Working voltage: DC/AC 5-32V
Working frequency: 50-60Hz
Working temperature: -20-70℃
Standards/ protocol: ZB 3.0
Total load power: 2000W/10A
Voice Control: Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
Remote control frequency: RF 433MHz
Remote control: built-in battery

Package included:

1 x DC5-32V Relay Module
1 x RF 433MHz Remote control