2 IN1 12 DIO Ethernet/RS485 Relay Switch Module Modbus RTU TCP/IP Network Controller PLC Expansion Board for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Relay Module

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Product Specification


1: DC 12V (12V Version), DC 24V (24V Version) (optional)
2: Standby current (DC 12V all relays closed) 14MA, 1 relay open 41MA, 2 relays open 69MA, 3 relays open 95MA,4 relays open 122MA,5 relays open 149MA,6 relays open 174MA, 7 relays open 198MA,8 relays open 226MA
3: 12 photoelectric isolation Input ports (NPN low level active ), the input and output relationship can be set to associated (default) and non-associated through commands.
4: ''open'' ''close'' ''Momentary'' ''Self-locking'' ''Interlock'' ''Delay'' ''''Interlock between two channels'' 7 Commands
5: MODBUS RTU command, Support 03 06 16 function code
6: Under the ''Delay'' command ,the maximum delay is 255 seconds;
7: MODBUS commands can be made serial HyperTerminal (serial assistant) OR ''Modbus Poll'' Enter;
8: Under the MODBUS command mode, it can support up to 64 devices in parallel
9: The default baud rate is 9600BPS. The baud rate can be selected through jumpers: 2400 4800 9600 19200 38400 57600 115200BPS
10: The check methods can be none parity check, even parity check and odd parity check
11: The data sending and returning time can be set, with a maximum value of 1000ms
12: Size: 200 * 72 * 22mm(Only PCB Board);220 * 88* 46mm(with Din Rail Box)
13: Weight: 250.5g(Only PCB Board);382g(with Din Rail Box)
14: Maximum load: 10A / 250VAC, 10A / 125VAC, 10A / 30VDC, 10A / 28VDC, 10A / 12VDC

DIN rail Box parameters:
Product model: UM72
Color: green
Width: suitable for PCB board width UM72(72mm)
Insulation grade: flame-retardant VO grade
Backplane length: suitable for 200 mm PCB boards
Net weight:128g
Installation: DIN35 and C45 rail


NO: Relay normally open contact
COM: Relay common contact
NC: Relay normally closed contact
Open: NO connection COM, NC disconnect COM
Close: NO disconnect COM, NC connection COM
Momentary: Enter the Momentary command, the Rreceiver Relay is Open, delay of 0.5 seconds after, Relay is Close;
Toggle: Enter the Toggle command, the Rreceiver Relay is Open, Enter the Toggle command again, Relay is Close;
Latched: Enter the Channel 1 Latched command, the receiver Channel 1 is Open, the Channel 2 is Close.
Enter the Channel 2 Latched command the receiver Channel 2 is Open, the Channel 1 is Close.
Enter the Channel 3 Latched command the receiver Channel 1 is Close, the Channel 2 is Close.
Delay: Enter the Delay command, the Rreceiver Relay is Open, delay of 0-9999 seconds(MODBUS command is 0-255 seconds )after, Relay is Close;
During the delay, Eter the Close command, immediately close the relay
Interlock between two channels: refers to the interlock between 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 channels. Input channel 1 interlock command, channel 1 relay ''open'', channel 2 relay off; press input channel 2 interlock, channel 2 relay ''open'', channel 1 ''close''; input channel 3 interlock command, channel 3 relay ''Open'', channel 4 channel relay is closed; press input channel 4 to interlock, channel 4 relay ''open'', channel 3 ''close''; and so on

Slave ID: A0-A5 is the slave ID, you can choose 64 different slave ID.
Under the MODBUS command mode,the slave ID must be correct
command Description, Please refer to '' ETD8A12 12-channel RS485 IO input and output controller commamd''

Package inlcuded:

1 x DC 12V/24V 12Ch DIO RS485/Ethernet Modbus RTU Relay Board

Typical applications:

1. The dial switch (slave address) is invalid and can only control one module at a time.

2. MODBUS command mode (HEX), you can control a variety of ways: Serial HyperTerminal Control (need to manually add the CRC), Modbus Poll software control (software automatically add the CRC), PLC or MCU process control

Wiring Diagram:

1. DC 12V control circuit,Wiring diagram below. ''LOAD'' may be camera,LED lights, fans, motors and other DC 12V equipment

2. DC 1-110VAC 85-265V control circuit,Wiring diagram below(Note:If not DC 12V load, need another DC 12V power supply). ''LOAD'' may be LED lights, fans, motors Lights, fluorescent lights, solar water heaters and other DC AC equipment