52Pi UPS V5 With RTC Battery Protection Management Module for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B /3B for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Raspberry Pi & Orange Pi

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Product Specification


UPS Plus is a new generation of UPS power management module. It is designed with “battery protection” function. The UPS can be configured to turn off the power when it detects that the battery power is low, to prevent the battery from over-discharging.


  • Safe Shutdown

  • Battery Protection

  • Enhanced power management

  • Remote OTA firmware upgrade

  • Programmable BACK-TO-AC auto power up

  • Programmable sample period

  • I2C communication

  • Standalone RTC

  • Support stacked battery design

  • Easy to install


  • Current/voltage monitoring of Raspberry Pi power supply port.

  • Battery terminal current/voltage monitoring, supports two-way monitoring of charge and discharge.

  • Independent RTC function.

  • OTA function (supports forced upgrade mode and active upgrade mode).

  • Power estimation

Note: At least one full charge and discharge cycle must be completed!

  • Adjustable sampling period.

  • Support FCP, AFC, SFCP fast charge protocol.

  • Support BC1.2 charging protocol.

  • Battery temperature monitoring

Note: the forced temperature protection cannot be turned off, threshold: 65 degrees!

  • Programmable Power Voltage Detect(PVD) function, Default value: 3.6V

  • Incoming call self-start function.

  • Power down memory function.

  • Programmable shutdown / forced restart.

  • Running time statistics

  • Electrostatic protection.

  • Linear compensation range discharge capacity: 5V 4.5A.

  • Non-linear compensation range discharge capacity: 5V 8A.

  • Charging capacity 4.5V 5A/5V 2.5A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A.

  • Stacked battery design

Note: Stacked power b0ard need to be special accessories. Can not support None official accessories.

  • Use I2C communication without occupying additional ports.

  • Support 4.2V 4.35V 4.4V 4.5V lithium battery

Note: Different types of batteries cannot be mixed!


Package Included:

1 x UPS Plus For Raspberry Pi

4 x M2.5 copper pillar

4 x M2.5 screws

4 x M2.5 long copper stick

4 x M2.5 nuts

1 x Acrylic shield

1 x Instructions