FENGMI Formovie 4K Iaser Projector T1 ALPD RGB Panchromatic 2800 ANSI Lumens 5G WIFI MEMC Automatically Eletric Focus Keystone Correction 3 64GB WIFI FENG OS 10 7Billion Color Display Home Cinema for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Click here to watch the tutorial: How to watch terrestrial digital TV directly on the projection


- Original 4K image quality + 2800 ANSI Lumens, so you can watch the movie clearly during the day

- Full-color Iaser light source, BT.2020 ultra-wide color gamut, using the display technology of the cinema Iaser projection hall, compared with ordinary full-color Iaser , the brightness, color and contrast are fully upgraded. Includes 1.07 billion colors, restoring the most realistic color picture

- LPSE speckle suppression technology, comprehensively solve the problem of ordinary panchromatic Iaser speckle

- 3000:1 contrast ratio, the ultra-high specification HDR standard used by professional directors, the color boundary is clearly visible

- MEMC motion compensation, you don’t have to worry about smear blur when you see fast motions, sports events, competitive games and other high-speed motion pictures.

- Flagship AI chip, 3+64GB large memory provides the largest storage space

- Sound by Bowers & Wilkins paired with Dolby Atmos, brings a shocking auditory experience.

- Far-field voice + Mijia smart home, can be controlled without hands, and can be connected to Mijia smart home to become a smart terminal

common problem:

Q: What is the projection ratio of Fengmi T1? How big can it project?

A: The throw ratio of Fengmi T1 is 0.233:1, and the projected size is 80"~150".


Q: What color Iaser is Fengmi T1?

A: Fengmi T1 is a full-color Iaser light source (red, green, and blue three-color Iaser ), and ALPD R RGB+ full-color Iaser display technology is the display technology used in the theater Iaser projection hall. Compared with ordinary full-color Iaser and monochrome Iaser , the brightness, color, contrast, and other aspects have been fully upgraded, bringing you a cinema-level viewing experience.


Q: What is the configuration of Fengmi T1 speakers?

A: Fengmi T1 is equipped with 2 15W speakers, 2*0.7L super large cavity, designed and customized by Bower & Wilkins, a global high-end audio brand, including glass fiber bass diaphragm, titanium metal tweeter diaphragm, and advanced filter capacitors, Hexagonal speaker network, patented cellular inverter tube, support Dolby Atmos/DTS decoding certification; B&W sound effects.


Q; Does Fengmi T1 support 3D function?

A: Fengmi T1 currently does not support 3D functions.


Q: Does Fengmi T1 support autofocus?

A: Fengmi T1 currently does not support autofocus, but supports manual electric focus. On the focus page, directly press the left and right buttons of the remote control to focus until the picture is clear.


Q: How does Fengmi T1 perform keystone correction?

A: Press and hold the "Menu" button on the remote control to select Keystone; or select Settings > Image > 8-point/4-point Keystone, and then select Quick Adjust or Fine-Tuning.


Q: Does Fengmi T1 support motion compensation?

A: Fengmi T1 supports motion compensation. You don't have to worry about smearing and blurring when watching high-speed motion pictures such as sports events and competitive games. You can choose the level of compensation or whether to enable it for different content.

C:Projection size 90 Inch 100 Inch 120 Inch 150 Inch
H/W: Projection size
Projection size width * height (unit: mm)
2009*1138 2230*1262 2674*1512 3346*1894
A:Projection height range (unit: mm)
From the bottom of the Iaser projection to the bottom of the projection screen
289 340 392 465
B:Projection width range (unit: mm)
Iaser projection tail to wall (screen)
105 198 305 454
Basic parameters
Basic Information Product name FENGMI Formovie 4K Iaser Projector T1 
Product Size 550×349.2×107.5mm
Product weight 9.8kg
Product color tint
Optical parameters Light source technology ALPD RGB+
Standard resolution 4K
Projection parameters Throw ratio 0.23:1
Projectable size 80~150"
Smart Voice Far-field voice + remote control voice
Focus Electric focus
Keystone 8 point correction
System parameters Processor MTK MT9669
Built-in storage 64GB eMMC high-speed flash
operating system Feng os ï¼ˆChinese, can be modified to English, can be connected to TV stick or TV box to use)
Electrical Specifications Machine power consumption ≤ 350W
Standby power consumption < 0.5W