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Product Specification

  • Star projector + fog projector: the starry night light projector can emit light to project stars and colourful fog/ocean waves, creating a magical look. It supports monochrome, two-tone and three-colour light effects consisting of nebula and stars of different colours.
  • Night light projector + sound machine: it is not only a night light , but also a sound machine for adults to sleep. The galaxy light projector has 8 built-in white sounds (water flow, water drops, sea waves, rain, thunder and rain, birds, terrible background) and 8 soothing music that can help adults fall asleep better and have a wonderful night.
  • Built-in music speaker: the night sky light projector is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker. You can connect it via Bluetooth to enjoy music. In music mode, the light of the star projector changes with the rhythm of the music or the sound of clapping hands.
  • Remote control and auto-off timer: the night light of the star projector can set the function of the light projector via the remote control up to 16 metres, even in the other room. It has a built-in 2-hour automatic adjustment function, the machine with white noise can be switched off automatically. Don't worry.
  • Wide range of applications: It is a perfect galaxy light projector for bedrooms and can be used as a night light or sound machine for adults to sleep. The starlight projector is also ideal for room decoration for aesthetic bedroom experiences.