Pixthink 120Inch 4K Projector Screen with Stand 16 9 Foldable Projection Curtain with Carry Bag for Home Theatre Office Indoor Outdoor for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


  • 【120 inch Projector Screen and Stand Kit】 The Pixthink 120 inches screen and stand kit, 16:9 ratio, 165° wide viewing angle, front & rear projection support, comes with foldable and lightweight but sturdy stands, a travel bag as well as 2 water bags with auxiliary stabilizing functions, so that you can build an atmosphere like a movie theater anytime and anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor, enjoying movies, live football matches, etc.
  • 【Easy to Set up & Suitable for Camping】 Easy installation in 3 minutes. For the first time, just follow the instructions to complete the installation, however for next time you can install them by yourself without instructions or tools. Thanks to the upgrading and improving folding design of the stand, the whole set is equipped with a travel bag, which is only 3.3KG (20x60cm) so that anyone can easily pick up as well as can be put in suitcases and cars while other super-long stands cannot.
  • 【100% Anti-wrinkle & Large Washable Screen】 The screen is made of thick polyester fiber material, which is touch soft and flexible. The fine workmanship and flexible fibers ensure 100% no wrinkles after folding. The entire screen only weighs 560g and thicker than others for reducing more light transmission and providing clearer images and more vivid colors. In addition, the washable material of the screen allows you to easily remove stains and make it as bright as new for more years.
  • 【Sturdy Metal Frame and Stable Design】 The stand is made of hard aluminum alloy material, and the upgraded and enlarged bracket base can make the stand more stable. The longer connector (6cm) can be perfectly inserted into the pole to fit tightly and avoid loosening. It is equipped with 9 stainless steel piles, which can be inserted into the outdoor lawn. 2 free water bags and 2 * 6m ropes can also keep the stand stable even in winidy conditions. Even on uneven ground, the stable can be ensured.
  • 【Wide range of application & Efficient Aftercare Service】The 120 inch projector screen stand is suitable for indoors and outdoors. , It is ideal for home theater, office meetings, backyard movie night, garden parties and definitely can leave you with good memories of spending time with your family, lovers, or friends. Besides, Pixthink provides 2-year warranty and lifetime professional technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us, we will reply within 24 hours.


Model: PT-S120
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 120”2650mm×1490mm
Dimension: 2830mm×2010mm
Viewing angle: 165°
Gain Ratio: 1.1
Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Packing list:

Packing list:
1×120 inch Projector Screen
4×A ã€6×B ã€1×C ã€2×D Aluminum Pole
2×L-type Corner Connector
2×Water bag
1×Storage Bag
2×Pole Base with Bolt
2×Nylon Rope (about 6 meters)
1×User Manual