Formovie Fengmi Fresnel Ultra short ALR Projection Screen 100 inch 4K/8K With Eight layer Optical Precision Structure 0 5mm Ultra Thin Rollable Diaphragms Anti light Black Screen for UST Laser Projector XIAOMI FENGMI XGIMI VAVA Bomaker for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

Click here to download the installation manual, English after 22 pages


  • 0.5mm ultra-thin rollable diaphragms 
  • Segmented frame for easy assembly and hassle-free: The traditional hard screen usually takes 4 people to carry, which causes considerable inconvenience. 
  • Anti-ghosting supported by the patented ALR
  • Formovie fresnel ultra-thin ALR projection screen 100-inch: ALR screen, small package size, and easysetup
  • We innovatively divide the 2.2-metter-long frame of the ALR screen into two to effectively reduce the difficulty of handing and make home installation much easier
  • Rollable fresnel ALR screen incorporates multiple innovative technologies
  • The eight-layer optical precision structure eliminates mirror reflection and ghosting.
  • The screen adopts an eight-layer optical precision structure with a matte coating applied on its back layer to eliminates mirror reflection, ghosting and sun spots on the front to ensure a comfortable visual experience.
  • The optical recision structure is patented by Appotronics
  • Theambient occlusion value exceeds 85%, which ensures a wonderful projection effect during the day
  • With around 98.2% screen-to-body ration, the endless stream of exciting pictures are fully presented
  • The metal frame is easy to maintain, stable and durable


Product name: Formovie fresnel ultra-thin ALR projection screen

Model: S10FFNN

Color: Mineral grey

Dimensions: 2232x1263x25mm

Outer packaging dimensions: 1660x415x245mm

Net weight: 12.4KG

Gross weight: 22.8KG

Material: Aluminnum alloy, PET

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Peak gain value: 1.0

Ambient occlusion value: >=85%

Viewing angle: 50°

Package Included:

1 x Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR Projection Screen(Other products are not included)