Emotn C1 FHD WIFI Projector 8500 Lumens Wireless Mirroring Bluetooth 5 1 Digital Zoom Keystone Correction Home Theater Outdoor Movie for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Modules Function Parameters
Size(mm) Complete machine (without packaging): 225 x 186 x 109mm.
Complete machine (with packaging): 230 x 135 x 312mm
Weight(kg) Bare machine: 1.69KG;
Whole machine (including packaging): ≤ 2.14KG
Optical Machine Model C1
LED Max:40W
Lamp Life 50000h
ANSI Lumen Spec  120 ANSI Lumens
LCD 4.30" LVDS
Resolution 720P
Throw Ratio 1.35~1.4
Contrast Ratio 8500:1
Projection Distance 1.35~6m
System System Multimedia
Same-screen Sharing USB wired / wireless co-screening
Bluetooth Speaker Chip BT5.1 Jelly AC6955 (A2DP support)
Speaker Bluetooth Name C1_Speaker
Screen Adjustment Manual Focusing
Keystone Correction Manual ±15 degrees
Remote Control Infrared remote control
IR reception 2, 1 before and 1 after
Hardware CPU Mstar TSUMV53RUU
Power Amplifier Analog amplifier: CS3817
Speakers 5W x1, Custom BOX x1
Whole Machine Fan Fan x2, 12V
Temperature Sensor Temperature-controlled switch
Media formats Image Format Support jpg/jpeg/png/bmp
Audio Format Support mp3/ogg/aac/m4a/wav/flac
Video Format Support avi/mp4/mkv/mov/mpeg/mp3/3gp/asf/ts/vob/flv
4K Decoding support H264, H265 compression format.
Do not support decoding of 4K
Interface Rear Interface VGA, USB x2, HDMI x2, AV.
Headphone, TF card
USB 2 Pcs, horizontal HDMI IN
HDMI 2 Pcs, horizontal HDMI IN
AV 1 Pcs , AV IN
Headphones Aux 3.5mm, Audio Out
TF Card 1 Pcs
Power AC 100~240V AC 50/60Hz input.
Indicator light Lamp Beads Red and green LED light × 1
Adapter Powered
Red Light Constant On
Standby / Hibernation Red Light Constant On
Projection Mode Yellow-green Constant On
Bluetooth speaker mode Pending pairing: rapid yellow-green flashing.
Connection successful: yellow-green constant on
System Upgrade No light indication, interactive interface shows upgrade process
Using Operating temperature Best operating temperature: -5℃~40℃
Noise Whole machine noise<30dB @25℃
Machine Power Consumption 65W
Certification IC-ID, FCC, BQB, HDMI
Garbage cans (environmental logo printing)
Annexes Accessory Instruction manual x1.
Remote control x1.
Power cord (1.5m) x1.
HDMI 2.0a cable (1.5m) x1.
AV cable (four-segment VLRG, 0.26m, yellow-white-red) x1

The Most Powerful MTK

  • Stronger performance, faster operation, 65% faster than equivalent projectors.
  • We use the world's top technical performance to provide you with full freedom and an extraordinary experience.

Wired/Wireless/Hotspot Mirroring

  • You can mirror the movies, photos, or games on your phone to the Emotn C1 portable projector instantly in one second with wired/wireless mirroring.
  • Apply to Android, IOS, or Windows mirroring with the hotspot too.

    Bluetooth 5.1 Connection

    • With the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology, the data transmission speed is increased by 2 times, the data transmission capacity is increased by 800%
    • The audio quality is significantly improved.

    Easy to Use

    • No need to move equipment. With a manual focus lens and ±15° keystone correction, it is easy to obtain square and clear images.
    • Please note that if you change the projection position, please adjust the focus and keystone again to obtain the best image.

    Know What You Need

    • Zoom:You can project on the wall and watch a movie of your favorite size with the function zoom, the display size can display from 100% to 70% in the horizontal and vertical directions.
    • Space as You Wish:With 360° inverted function, projection from the front/back/ceiling is possible. Meet your needs and save space.

    Advanced Dual Cooling Fan

    • Emotn's self-developed ICE-COLD heat dissipation engine, help the LED light source life to extend by 40%,heat dissipation effect increased by 30%
    • Multiple reflections and noise absorption, which can filter the noise(≤35db) effectively while assisting the horn to sound.

    Stunning Picture with Vivid Colors

    • Take the cinema home and enjoy the visual feast.
    • The Emotn C1 Bluetooth projector has 16.7 million true colors, rich color depth, and real physical resolution, providing clear and detailed images for indoor and outdoor entertainment, so immersive.

    Striking&Stylish with Silicone Slot

    • The silicone deep for the phone can place your phone as you like, either horizontally or vertically.
    • Soft, comfortable, non-slip. Plug and play, entertainment is everywhere.


    • The HDMI port works with streaming devices, including a TV stick, Roku,or other TV sticks. The USB port also provides power for compatible HDMI streaming media players. With help from these streaming devices, making it a cinch to cast your favorite tens of thousands of channels and apps - including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and HBO Max.
    • Due to this movie projector does not apply to Dolby sound. When you plug in a TV stick to watch a movie, if the projector doesn't have any sound you need to change the settings on the TV stick display and sounds then under surround sound change to PCM, or turn off the Dolby sound. Go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Turn Dolby OFF. or Choose the PCM (Setup-Audio output-PCM).
    • The Emotn C1 mini projector has a height adjustment bolt to fine-tune the tilt angle of the projection. There is also a standard 1/4-20" mounting hole at the bottom, which can be used with a full-size camera tripod and ceiling bracket. Remove the four rubber pads on the bottom of the projector to install them on the standard 4 brackets.
    • 2* HDMI port: Compatible with modern computers, TV boxes, Xbox, Roku,PSi4, TV stick, smartphones.
    • 2* USB ports: Connect to a U disk (limited to 64 GB) or 2T mobile hard disk to play various types of media (video, MP3, photos, etc.) or to supply power to compatible HDMI streaming media players.
    • 1* AV port: For legacy equipment, DVD player
    • 1* VGA port: Can be used in computers with VGA interface
    • 1* 3.5mm Audio output can easily connect to powered speakers, soundbars, and amplifiers.

    Warm Tips for Wireless Mirroring

    • Most wifi projectors on the market use Miracast protocol to control the co-screen, and do not apply to wifi mirroring with Chromeicast or other devices with the co-screen protocol (such as Google/Motorola phones). This is a common situation.
    • Due to HDCP copyright, wireless mirroring does not apply to wireless streaming of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Instead, you can access these video hosting from the Amazon TV Stick, for example through the HDMI port.
    • Before using this product for the first time, please read the WiFi connection instructions on the manual carefully.