60 Inch External Projection Screen for 16 9 Outdoor PVC Projector Screen 4 3 Portable Projection Screen Suitable For Hdtv / Sports / Movies / Presentations for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Package Includes:

1x Projector Screen
1x Screen Bag


-Visual effect is good.
-Daylight image is clear.
-Distinctive focus point.
-Good color reproduction.
-Projection Screen ,easy to carry and bring. 
-Moisture, mildew, flame retardant, no smell.
-Ultra-cost, ultra-high-definition, ultra-brightness.
-Easy installation and disassembly make it more comfortable.
-Matte white viewing surface diffuses projected light uniformly.
-Lightweight and compact one-piece design, perfect for handheld projectors.
-Enjoy your own movie ,every time you want watching a movie , you will enjoy it.
-Lightweight and compact one-piece design, perfect for handheld projectors.
-Innovative optical coating flat screen,so that the curtain to adjust the degree of light reflection.
-It is an ideal choice for home theater movies, classroom training, conference room presentations, public display, etc.
- Wide viewing range:Viewing angle up to 75 °, easy to view more than one perspective, a group of people sitting to watch the game more convenient.
- Make the living room a cinema just a minute, in the hall put on a fast cottage high-definition projection screen, Dayton high-end atmosphere, in the leisure time anytime, anywhere view 3D visual large.


Category: Conference screen
Material: Fiber synthesis soft curtain
Curtain color: black and white
Size:60 inches (cm)
Proportion: 16: 9/4: 3
Package Weight:374g /350g