Lekete LKT-824A floor-standing Metal Iron Round Projector Bracket Stand Projector Mount for XGIMI H2 H3 Z6 JMGO P1 P2 G3 G7 J6 Projector for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Projector Stand

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Product Specification

Suitable for Projector:
For XGIMI: H2, H2slim,  Z6X,  Z6, NEWZ4, CC IMEA Children projector, Z3C, etc
For JMGO: P1, P2, G3, G7, J6, J6S, J7, C6, C7, X3, V8, V9, N7L, R8, E8 G1, G1-S, etc
For Coolux: S2+, S3, X5, X5S, Q6, Q7, etc
For PIQS: M1, Y1K, Y2, Z1, CPK02, etc
For Philips: PP34X50, PPX4935, PPX4010, etc
Brand: Lekete
Model: LKT-824A
Product Name: Retractable Metal Projector Bracket
Material: carbon steel + integrated into the ground
Telescopic height: 65-130cm
PTZ adjustment: 360 degree rotation adjustment
Base: diameter 25cm, weight 2.3kg
Bracket: wall thickness 1.2mm / diameter 20mm
Bearing capacity: 5kg
Style: modern, simple
Package Contents: 
1 x Projector Bracket
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