Lekete LKT 824A floor standing Metal Iron Round Projector Bracket Stand Projector Mount for XGIMI H2 H3 Z6 JMGO P1 P2 G3 G7 J6 Projector for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Projector Stand

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Product Specification

Suitable for Projector:
For XGIMI: H2, H2slim,  Z6X,  Z6, NEWZ4, CC IMEA Children projector, Z3C, etc
For JMGO: P1, P2, G3, G7, J6, J6S, J7, C6, C7, X3, V8, V9, N7L, R8, E8 G1, G1-S, etc
For Coolux: S2+, S3, X5, X5S, Q6, Q7, etc
For PIQS: M1, Y1K, Y2, Z1, CPK02, etc
For Philips: PP34X50, PPX4935, PPX4010, etc
Brand: Lekete
Model: LKT-824A
Product Name: Retractable Metal Projector Bracket
Material: carbon steel + integrated into the ground
Telescopic height: 65-130cm
PTZ adjustment: 360 degree rotation adjustment
Base: diameter 25cm, weight 2.3kg
Bracket: wall thickness 1.2mm / diameter 20mm
Bearing capacity: 5kg
Style: modern, simple
Package Contents: 
1 x Projector Bracket
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