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Product Specification


With Battery Or Without Battery Laminate Floor Repair Kit Applied To Laminate Floors


- It can be applied to laminate floors, countertops, furniture, cabinets, timber, window frames, etc.
- Perfect for DIY dedicated and more advanced user.
- The kit includes a versatile range of materials that can be used to repair laminate flooring and surfaces in the most popular colors.
- It can also be used for repairing kitchen and other decorative laminate countertops and even wooden furniture.
- Slight scratches or damage can be repaired effortlessly.
- Easy to use filler bars.
- Recreate the color of your damaged boards by mixing 11 wax blocks.
- Perfect for glass, laminate floors and decorating mirrors and tiles.
- Best for home use, caravan, workplace, school, hotel, nursing home, office, boat, etc.


Main material
ABS + resin
2 x AA batteries(Not included)
Electric iron length
150mm / 5.9in
Wax block size
 40x15x10mm / 1.6x0.6x0.4inches
Package size 195x180x40mm / 7.7x7.1x1.6inches

Packing included:

1 x Electric iron
11 x Wax block
2 x Scraping block
1 x Sponge
1 x Cloth
1 x Storage box

Detail Pictures: