4 inch 4 × 6 munbyn label barcode printer 4 × 6 label usb thermal paper printing shipping lable express label printer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Main Feature:

Overheat Protection

Heat Dissipation,Protect printer in every environment

Industrial-grade heat-dissipation setting: increase the heat dissipation function of the first piece of aluminum plate to achieve continuous printing


Use Any Direct Thermal Label

You can use this Label Marker with any direct thermal label. This will provide you with large savings as you do not need to obtain over-priced printer-specific labels.


Auto Prevent Paper Jams

Imported print head (Japan ROHM): Increase the wear resistance of the head piece, More Durable

Printer Roller made in Machine, Auto Prevent Paper Jams


Anti Skid Function

Four Non-slip mats were designed on the bottom, Anti Skid Function, Easy stay on.

Elegant White and Black Looking,Easy work with any computer.


Wide Application Areas

Application areas: express logistics, tax receipts, toll stations, hospital medical, hotels, bakeries, bookstores, supermarket chains, scientific research institutions, clothing industry, Shiduo store


Auto Learn your Paper Size

By pressing a simple button, this label printer will automatically detect the size and characteristics of your label. Loading labels are easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Product specification:


Max Speed  :150mm/s

Max Width:08mm,print width 108mm

Max Length:2794mm

Media Type  :Continuous

Media Width: 20mm-110mm

Media Thickness:0.06-0.254mm


Paper:Thermalpaper,blackpaper,thermalpaper tags

Memory:4MB Flash Memory

Printing Life:TPH 50Km

Fonts: GB18030-2000/BIG5 24×24/16×16



2D:PDF-417,Maxicode, DataMatrix, QR code

Print Language:TSPL

Power Adapter:AC 100V-220V,50-60Hz; DC 24V/2.5A


Driver:Windows /MacOS/Linux

Work Environment:0-45℃,10-80%

Storage Environment:-10-50℃,10-90%RH(Non-dewfall)


Package Included:


1xUSB Cable