Mini Magnetic Digital Inclinometer Level Box Gauge Angle Meter Finder Protractor Base Small Electronic Protractor Measuring Tool for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Mini Magnetic Digital Inclinometer Level Box Gauge Angle Meter Finder Protractor Base Small Electronic Protractor Measuring Tool


Product NameDigital Goniometer
Display Resolution0.05°
Measuring Range4×90°
Frame MaterialABS
Packing Size90×80×45mm
Package Weight135g
Battery Type2×AAA 7# battery
1 Pc × Digital Goniometer


- ABS Plastic enclosure (light weight and durable).Power-off automatically in 5 minutes.Portable size, convenient to co-work with other measuring tools and enlarge measuring range.

- Angle and slope readout conversion.Relative / absolute measurement interchange at any position.With built-in magnets in measuring surface, which is convenient to be attached to the object measuring workpiece.

- Multi-purpose digital angle gauge with superior 3 button functionality includes a zero feature to determine relative angles and hold feature to freeze readouts, strong magnetic base for precision measurements and cuts that make your woodworking, carpentry, construction, and other jobs much easier, easily mounts to miter saw blades table saw blades and protractor tables in addition to other metal surfaces, Set up your wood or machine shop accurately and keep it that way with almost no effort.

- This sturdy mini tool also functions as an inclinometer, protractor, and a level and bevel gauge giving you a variety of uses with a rotation range of 360 degrees. Large, easy to read and highly accurate LCD display with backlight automatically inverts digits 180 degrees for overhead measurements making difficult work quick and effortless, readout quickly stabilizes and the numbers won't jump around so you can work much faster.

- Rigorous quality control testing and worry-free portability.Rugged carrying case provided to further protect your level box from unnecessary wear and tear and allows you to place it with the other tools in your toolbox without worrying about it getting damaged. You can easily take this highly portable and sturdy precision tool with you anywhere you need it to go without worry. This tool fits where many traditional tools won't including your front pocket.

Package Included:

1 x
Digital Goniometer

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