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Product Specification


Main Features:

  â—ã€Adjustable Glue Output】

The glue output can be adjusted by the tail knob, which is more convenient to use and will not be excessively wasted.

●【Digital Display & Temperature Adjustable】

Digital display central control, real-time temperature monitoring and temperature regulation, making it more convenient to use.

●【Smooth & Continuous Glue】

It adopts copper glue nozzle for smooth and continuous glue outlet, durable and rust-proof, and the nozzle guard sleeve is designed to avoid scald.

●【Wide Range Of Applications】

Suitable for plastics, metals, wood, paper, toys, furniture, leather, DIY and other purposes.

●【Functions You Can't Think Of】

Filling glass, sticking ceramics, repairing door/window seams, repairing toilet/bathroom water seepage, repairing ground inequality, etc.

●【Cordless & Safety】

Cordless hot glue gun prevents accidental shock, safe for even kids to use.





Color: Blue+Black

Power: 1200W

Preheating Time: 90 Seconds

Glue Stick Diameter: 11mm(Not Included)

Max. Temperature: 220 ℃

Max. Output: 30 g/min

Compatible Battery: For 18V Battery

Warm Tips: Glue Sticks Not Included.


  Package Contents


1 x Hot Glue Gun(Battery NOT Included)