388VF 1/2" 3/4'' 1900N.m Brushless Cordless Electric Wrench Spanner with Battery for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Brushless motor: The brushless motor does not produce sparks when it works, and the motor is not worn. Provide powerful torque and increase speed, and have long-lasting and stable performance.

1900N.m high torque: Tungsten steel shaft, high hardness and wear resistance, used for heavy equipment repair, industrial maintenance or any other work that requires the use of strong large nuts and bolts.

3 speed options: provide users with precise tightening control.

Three in one switch: forward/backward/lock switch, support forward or backward drive and safety lock, stepless variable speed switch




 BLMIATKO Impact Wrench 1900NM







Maximum torque


Output shaft


First gear


Second gear


Third gear


41 nuts can be loaded and unloaded


Maximum torque 


Scope of application


No-load speed


Battery V number


Battery mAh



Package Included:

Type A:

1 x3/4" spindle electric wrench

1/2X  388V battery

1 x charger (EU/US)

1 x storage tray

Type B:

1 x 1/2 "spindle electric wrench

1/2X 388V battery

1 x charger (EU/US)

1 x storage tray