RIDEN RD6012P RD6012PW USB WiFi 5 Digit DC to DC Voltage Step down Power Supply Adjustable Buck Converter Voltmeter 60V 12A for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Power Supply Module

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Product Specification

Note before buying:

NOTE for Switching power supply: When get the PSU, please use multimeter to check if the real output voltage is stable and fits the rated voltage, to see if it is damaged on the way, if the output is abnormal, please contact us, do not connect it to RD power supply to avoid more loss

1. RD6012P series has two versions:RD6012P and RD6012P-W,RD6012P-W have WIFI board , RD6012P don't have . RD6012P-W can use WIFI board to connect APP, also use USB micro cable to connect PC solftware . RD6012P don't have WIFI board, only support PC software by connecting with USB micro cable, no support APP. For wifi board to connect PC software, now it did not support.

Note: WiFi connection is a test function, due to poor compatibility of some computers, if you cannot connect PC software via WiFi, please ignore this function. Forthis function, we do not provide any guarantee and technical support,  and we will decide whether to keep this function based on customer feedback.

2. for PC software, it only support win 7 and above for now. For APP, it only support android 5.0 and above.For APP and PC software, because there may be  incompatibilities problems, please download first before buying , if you can download and install, you can make order, or else stop buying. If you don't test the PC software and APP function before buying and find that the products works fine except the PC software or APP, we refuse to refund.

3. if you connect inductive load (such as motor), the max working current is 1/3 of range. don't exceed it.

Package includes:

1 x RD6012P Power supply only

wifi board (optional)

All RD6012P/RD6012PW instruction and case installation instruction download Link:

1. RD6012P(W) operation instructon, PC software instruction, APP instruction ,APP and PC software download link:

A: Main download llink: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NdHp_BiQKGyVf5ahfyhNrGkTcO2AzWC0?usp=sharing 

2. Android APP: download at file link:

Support android 5.0 -android 10.0

IOS APP download: Search RdPower to download , support IOS10.0-IOS13.4 System

Android APP Google Playdownload: Search RdPower to download , support Android 5.0 and above phone

3. Instruction video for manual(similar to RD6006):

a. Battery Charging Function Introduction: https://youtu.be/irTbqfqtgU0 

b. Output Voltage and Output Current Setting: https://youtu.be/S6Kan66dNsk 

c. Data Group Quick Storage and Call out: https://youtu.be/eo5saPjOGpo 

d. Keypad lock and unlock: https://youtu.be/zxpmasJyQ6Y 

e. System Setting: https://youtu.be/Q9d3rIgIrOc 

f. Main Page Style Setting: https://youtu.be/f51VDiY2VHE 

g. Storage Data Setting: https://youtu.be/i1kTeurS13I 

h. System Information: https://youtu.be/Um4NQObeeJE 

i. IOS APP Download, Installation and Connection: https://youtu.be/nH2HYwop0TE 

j. IOS APP Operation: https://youtu.be/lXSw1CM9IY8 

k. Android APP Download, Installation and Connection: https://youtu.be/QwyBEUCnp9c 

l. Anroid APP Operation: https://youtu.be/hqrF4keTfbE 

m. PC Software Download and basic operation: https://youtu.be/mjt1RMaah1Y 

o. Firmware Upgrade: https://youtu.be/NOoLfDw0DiY 

p. Calibration: https://youtu.be/c9sn1wY2mjE 

q. Logo Update: https://youtu.be/vuVhBsohWts 

r. RD6012 wifi connection Problem and solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sTtc1kweJM 

4. RD6012P and S800 case assemble instruction: >>>Purchase link, click here (Product ID 1916916) to buy<<<


5. Supported power supply: >>>Purchase link, click here (Product ID 1916902) to buy<<<

For input AC-DC switch power supply, we recommend 800W switch power supply (S800 case leave fix hole size for this version),you can see more parameters about the800W switch power supply

6. Friendly reminder:

-There may behigh-frequency noise when the 800W 65V switch power supply is powered on and there is no load, which can be improved by adding a load resistoras shown in the figure! But for some people, they can still hear the noise, if you mind the noise, please do not buy this power supply, 800W 68V version does not need it

-You can only connect the cables with a foundation in electronic and electrical engineering and it must be reliably grounded!

-Due to express delivery, some power supply warranty labels may be damaged, which does not affect product warranty!

-Due to the different power supply production batches, the internal material details may be different, hereby explain!

7. There is a BACKUP fuse in the RD6012P/RD6012PW box, if you burn the fuse, you can insert the fuse in the socket next to the burned one for temporary use, but the socket can only support under 10A for short time usage, so it is better to remove the damaged fuse and solder the good fuse on the same position

8. When intall our 800W PSU into our case, please follow our instruction to assemble, do not remove the shell of the PSU to use. After the shell of the switching power supply is removed, the structural change of the heat dissipation system will lead to insufficient heat dissipation,and some components will be overheated and damaged, in this case we don't offer after sell service

Technical parameters:

Input voltage range6-70.00V7-70.00V
Output voltage range0-60V
Output current range0-6.000A0-12.00A0-18.00A0-6.0000A0-12.000A/
Output power range0-360W0-720W0-1080W0-360W0-720W
Input voltage measurement resolution0.01V
Output voltage setting measurement resolution0.01V0.001V
Output current setting measurement resolution0.001A0.01A0.0001A0.001A/
Battery voltage measurement resolution0.01V
Input voltage measurement accuracy±(1%+5 digits)
Output voltage accuracybetween setting and measurement±(0.3%+3 digits)±(0.5‰+4digits)
Output current accuracy between setting and measurement±(0.5%+5 digits)±(1‰+6digits)
Battery voltage measurement accuracy±(0.5%+3 digits)
Automatic cut off currentvaluewhen charging10mA100mASet by yourself
Output ripple typical100mV VPP250mV VPP@6A20mV VPP â‘ 
Working temperature range-10℃~40℃
External sensor Temperature detection range-10℃~100℃/0℉~200℉
External sensor Temperature detection accuracy:±3℃/±6℉
Constant voltage moderesponse time2ms(0.1A-5Aload)
Constant voltage mode load regulation±(0.1%+2 digits)
Constant current mode load regulation±(0.1%+3digits)
Capacity measurement range0-9999.99Ah
Energy measurement range0-9999.99Wh
Capacity and energy statistical error±2%
BuckworkingmodeVoltage drop>1Vand>10%(input voltage÷1.1) -2 â‘¡
Cooling fan start conditionOutput voltage>40V or Output current>4A or
System temperature>45℃
Output current>8A or
System temperature>45℃
Output current >4A or System temperature>45℃Output current>4A or
System temperature>50℃
Cooling fan shut down condition when workingOutput voltage<40V & Output current<3.9A & System temperature<45℃Output current<7.9A & System temperature<45℃Output current <3.9A and System temperature <45℃Output current <3.9A and System temperature <50℃
Over temperature protectionSystem temperature >80℃
Screen brightness setting0-5(6 level in total)
Screen2.4inch color HD display
Weight(with package)About 0.58kgAbout 0.61kgAbout 0.68kgAbout 0.62kgAbout 0.66Kg
Product dimension167*81*65mm167*81*69mm167*81*65mm
Support USB communicationYes
Support WiFi communicationOnly for RD60XX-W version

â‘ :Ripple measurement method:  noise and ripple are measured at X1 range, AC coupling, 20MHz of bandwidth on your oscilloscope with a 0.1uF parallel capacitor at the output terminals

②for example: input voltage is 24V,the max output voltage is 19.8V.