480W Dual Digital Display DC Switching Power Supply Current Limit Adjustable voltage 0-5V 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 80V 120V 220V for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Power Supply Module

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Product Specification

Rated PowerDigital DisplayAdjustable KnobItem ID
VoltageVoltage & Current1925431
Voltage & CurrentVoltage & Current1925433
1000WVoltage & CurrentVoltage1927330
Voltage & CurrentVoltage & Current1925287


● Full voltage input
● Miniaturization
●Protection function Short circuit / overload / over voltage
●100% full load aging test


Name: Dual Digital Display Switching Power Supply
Rated Power: 480W
Input Voltage & Frequency Range: 110V/220VAC/47~63Hz
Output: 0-5V0-60A, 0-12V0-40A, 0-24V0-20A, 0-36V0-15A, 0-48V0-10A, 0-60V0-8A, 0-80V0-6A,0-120V0-4A,0-220V2.2A
Start surge current: 20A@120VAC (cold start)
Output adjustment range:  ±100% (rated output voltage)
Overload protection: 105%~200% (rated load), self-recovery
Overvoltage protection: 115%~135% (rated output voltage)
Short circuit protection: self-recovery
Output start time: ≤2S@120VAC ≤1.0S@230VAC
Output hold time: ≥10mS@120VAC, ≥20mS@230VAC
Insulation strength: Input - Output: AC1500V, 1min; Input - housing: AC1500V, 1min; Output - Case: DC500V, 1min
Working environment:  -10 °C ~ 50 °C; 20% ~ 90% RH (no condensation)
Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case
Size: 215 x 115 x 50mm

Terminal description and wiring method:
L, N AC input terminal FG ground mark V+ DC output positive terminal
V-DC output negative terminal ADJ adjustable potentiometer Fine-tuning output DC voltage

Operational use:

(How to limit current) to adjust current?

1. Operate in the case of power failure, pull the small pull switch in the lower left corner to the current regulating gear
2. Pull out (dedicated current regulating insert) to the 2nd and 3rd ports of the wiring port, loosen the port screw with a screwdriver, and tighten with a screwdriver (at this time, connect to the listed power), and then connect The voltage of the meter shows 0.00V, and the current shows the current current parameter. At this time, the power supply will emit a small current.
3. On the right side (adjust current knob), you can adjust the desired current limit parameter, and display the current parameter synchronously with the digital display. 0-21A/0-16A/0-11A/0-6.5A can be adjusted in the whole process.
4. Remove the (special adjustment current plug) and insert it back into the original insert card holder. After removing the digital display, the voltage is about 0.90V, and the current is 0.00A.
5. Pull the pull switch in the lower left corner to the right to open the "open (use)" position.
6. The current power supply is in the parameter value of the current limit. The power supply is adjusted to a few V (the digital display shows the output voltage in real time), the current does not change, and the current reaches the current limit of 95% of the current limiting parameter. Overload protection
7. The current parameter displayed by the digital display at this time is the current value of the device load, and the load current is monitored in real time.
When the load device is connected, the current value can be adjusted directly in real time. The maximum current value is the maximum current value of the load device. If the current adjustment knob clockwise exceeds the maximum current value of the device, the digital current value will not last. Real-time synchronized digital display, showing only the maximum current value of the device.
If there is no need for current limiting, use the general equipment, without the above operation, pull the pull switch in the lower left corner to the "open (use)" position, and turn the (current adjustment knob) clockwise to the top. The maximum current limit at this time is 21A/16A/11A/6.5A/4A, at this time the power supply parameter is the output 0-24V21A/0-16A/0-48V11A/0-36V15A/0-80V6.5A/0-120V4A, which is equal to a 0-24V20A /0-36V15A/0-48V10A/0-80V6A/0-120V4A switching power supply

 Mainly used for various battery charging, DC equipment, DC motor stepless speed regulation, LED stepless dimming, chemical electroplating speed regulation, scientific research test, student experiment, etc., and a wide range of uses.

If using inductive load such as motor or fan, please pay attention to the maximum starting current parameter of the motor. This parameter must not be higher than the maximum operating current of the power supply. Otherwise, the power supply may be damaged. You should select a higher current power supply or soften the motor. The protection circuit is activated to absorb the inrush current.
(Power formula) voltage X current = power

Package included:

1 x Dual Digital Display Switching Power Supply