2 6S Charger Board for Charging Lithium Batteries NO Batttery

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Product Specification


The UC6S charger is a parallel charger for charging lithium batteries. It supports charging of multi-cell lithium batteries less than 4.2V and less than 4.35V. It has multiple input ports and output terminals for charging lithium batteries and mobile phones. Charging. Realize one charge and multiple uses to meet the requirements of popularization.

Technical parameter:

Size: length 75mmx width 48.5mmx height 12mm
Weight: 39 grams
Input: MICRO 5P 5V, TYPE-C 5V
XT60 Input port: 2-6s LIPO
Output: USB port 5V / 1-6 groups each output 500 mA
NOTE: The batteries are not includes!


1. Please do not plug two batteries into any one of the 1-6 groups of output terminals to charge at the same time, that is, the MOLEX 1.25 terminal and the PH2.0 terminal of the same group can only choose 1 to insert the battery for charging.
2. Please pay attention to the positive and negative direction of the port when inserting the battery
3. Before the battery is inserted and charged, please confirm whether the saturation voltage of the battery is consistent with the voltage selected by the voltage button of the charger 3. Be sure to confirm that they are consistent before charging


Plug and charge, the red indicator light is on to indicate that it is charging, and the red indicator light is off to indicate that the charging is complete!
If charging is abnormal, please check whether the input voltage and current of the input terminal are correct

Package includes:

1 x 2-6S Charger