Topshak Professional 220V/110V 0 30V 0 10A 300W Programmable DC Power Supply Display Adjustable Regulated Power Supply for Sale with BTC on


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Power Supply

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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  â— LED Voltage, Current and Power Display. 4-digit, accurate to 0.01V, 0.01A , and 0.001W. Support C.C. and C.V. modes.
  â— 2 Memory Recall Buttons. Save and recall the commonly used current/voltage.

  â— Programmable Control. With USB communication interface, supporting Modbus communication protocol, can be used with industrial control/server device.
  â— MCU Micro Computer Control. The output voltage and current can be precisely controlled by the knob.

  ● 5V 2A USB Charging Port. Charge your device quickly and stably.

  ● Intelligent Temp Control System. Multiple holes and a fan keep it cool and extend its service life.

  ● Safe and Stable Operation. Over temperature protection. Overload Protection. Overcurrent Protection. Over voltage protection.


  Brand: TOPSHAK

  Name: Topshak LW-3010EC Programmable DC Power Supply

  Model: LW-3010EC

  Output voltage: 0-32V

  Output current: 0-10A

  Input power: 50/60Hz, AC220V/110V±10%

  Size: 215*160*70 mm

  Weight: 1500g

  LED display: 4-digit voltage, current, power display

  Display accuracy : 0.01V, 0.01A, and 0.001W


  Package Contents

  1x Power supply

  1x USB communication cable

  1x Manual

  1x Warranty card



NameK3010D DC power supply
 LW-3010EC  Program DC Power Supply

Main Feature

--Manual Rotation Output.
--Single and Fixed Output.
--Voltage& Current Display without Wattage

--With the function of storing data, with memory function.
--V & A character can be regulated freely.
--The knob is not easy to break.
--Professionalism, more precision.
--Can be connected to a computer, software control.
--Power/Wattage display, more accurate.