100W 12V 24V Three phase Current PMSG Generator White For Wind Turbine for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Features :

Motor: 3 phase current PMSG.
It can effectively reduce the load torque of motor,working more stable.
Easy to intsall and fix.
High efficiency.

Specification :

Model: YC-100W
Rated Power: 100W
Max.Power: 130W
Voltage: 12V, 24V
Motor: 3 phase current PMSG
Control system: electromagnetism
Lubrication: add grease
Working temperature: -40℃ to 80℃
Main motor weight: 2.8kg
Max.starting resistance moment: 0.3NM

Package includeds :

1 x Generator
Details pictures :