SATA Power Adapter Cable 4pin to 15pin One to One Extension Cable Hard Disk Drive Power Cable Connector 0 2m Shengwei SPC 102 for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


- Brand: Shengwei

- Model: SPC-102

- Product name: SATA power adapter cable

- Interface: SATA interface(one to one)

- Length: 0.2m

- Cover: environmental protection PVC

- Wire core: 18AWG tinned copper wire core

- Plug: 15 port gold plated


- Plug and play, high speed power supply.

- PVC material, insulation, flame retardant, environmental protection, durable, not easy to break.

- Gold Plated interface, reduce the resistance, reduce the corrosion of terminals and prolong the use.

-The line body is soft, convenient for wiring, integrated forming, bending and tension pulling, compact and easy to store.

- 18AWG ultra thick pure copper wire core, the larger the current, the smaller the voltage drop, the wire body is not heated, and the power supply is more stable and safe.

Package Includes: 

1 * one to one SATA power adapter cable