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Power Adapter

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Product Specification

Product Description

Loskii  US/ UK/ EU/ AU All in One Universal Plug Adapter Socket Converter for Home and Travel 
Features • 3-in-1 conversion plug for 160 countries and regions, freely convertible power socket.
• The shell is made of ABS material, which can withstand high temperature and is not deformed, which makes
the product last longer.
• According to ergonomics, the anti-slip groove on both sides of the product can be easily plugged in.
• Each conversion plug is equipped with intelligent charging protection to prevent electric shock or electrical
damage caused by electric leakage.
• A travel lint pouch, easy to carry and for storage


Brand: Loskii
Product Type: US/ UK/ EU/ AU Plug
Material: ABS
Conductor Material: Brass
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Rated Current: 10A
Rated Power: 2500W
Product weight: 90g
Product size: 84 x 48 x 48mm

Package Contents

1 x Socket Adapter
1 x Travel Lint Pouch