EU/US Direct Flashfish 200W Power Station 110V 220V 48000mAh Portable Solar Generator Battery Power Supply 172Wh Emergency Lighting For Outdoor Camping for Sale with BTC on


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Portable Power Devices

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Product Specification

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AC Output

Rated 200W Peak 400W

DC Output

12V/10A (MAX)

PD Type-C Output


DC Input


Solar Charging

18V-24V/50W Recommended


1*AC output (100-240V 50/60HZ)

1*DC output (12V 10A)

1*PD Type-C output (18W)

2*USB outputs (5V/2.4A 9V/2.0A 12V/1.5A)


1. 172.8Wh/48000mAh Large Capacity and Widely Range of Application:Its applied to a variety of intelligent products, such as mobile phone, satellitephone, digital camera. Mobile hard disk, tablet computer, led lamp, laptop,computer, car boot, outdoor lighting. 

2. Easy To Read LCD Screen:LCD display would show you the remaining energies/charge/discharge/AC DC output/Type-c status

3. Its very easy to carry andconvenient offering power to electrical appliances with advantages oflightweight large capacity, high power, and multiple functions. Perfect for outdoor travel, beach visits, camping, hiking, fishing.

4. 3 MODES OF LED LIGHT 5W/450lm:

Flashlight mode:Low brightness is suitable for reading, high brightness is good for Outdoor lighting.

SOS mode :three long + three short, use in an emergency. The light conforms to the international SOS mode.

Strobe mode: Flashing alternately for Warning.

5. Reliable Battery Management System:

Over Current Protection

Short circuit Protection

Overload Protection

Overcharge Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Overheating Protection

Package included:

1* portable power station
1* car charger
1* car charge socket
1* AC adapter
1* instruction manual

Please Note:
The power station can not charge and discharge at the same time in order to protect the battery life.