EU DIRECT BLUETTI EB150 1500Wh 1000W Portable Power Station Solar Generator with 1000W Inverter AC/DC/USB Socket Power Generator for Travel Camping Caravan for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification




Battery capacity

1500Wh 1000W

Solar input

500W/10A Max, OCV 16-68V, MPPT

USB output.

USB1: 5V/1A  USB2: 5V/2A USB3:5V/3A

QC3.0 1:5-12V/18W   QC3.0 2: 5-12V/18W

Type-C1: 5-12V/18W   Type-C2: 5-12V/27W




DC 12V

Life time

>3500 times

PV input35-150V

AC output



Wall outlet: 8hrs

Solar Panel Charge: 6hrs

Car Charge: 8hrs

Please notePackage not included solar panel


1. 1500Wh battery operated generator: the PowerStation PowerOak EB150 is a solar generator powered by highly efficient lithium batteries with a large capacity of 1500 Wh. It is suitable for emergency power supply in the event of power failure at home or for power supply without power supply outdoors if you cannot have a wall socket.
2. AC/DC/USB sockets: 2 x AC 230 V sockets (max. 1000 W, pure sine wave inverter), 1 x DC 12 V/9 A car socket (stable 12 V), 4 x USB-A 5 V/3 A, 1 x USB-C (max. PD 45W). With these sockets, the PowerOak EB150 power generator can be used perfectly for charging all kinds of electronic products or for powering all kinds of electrical devices with a rated power below 1000 W.
3. Charged by AC charger/solar module: the PowerOak EB150 solar generator can be connected to a wall socket via the AC charger or by compatible solar panel (max. 500W/10A, Voc: 16-60V). Whether you use this solar generator at home or outdoors, e.g. on a camping trip or in a motorhome, you can find a suitable method for charging.
4. Safety guaranteed: PowerOak EB150 is equipped with high quality safe lithium batteries, which have high energy density and discharge efficiency, better resistance to high and low temperatures and long service life with charging cycles of more than 2500. The built-in battery management system (BMS) allows intelligent control of the charge/discharge process and ensures multi-protection for safe use.

Package included:

1 x Power Station

1 x AC charger

1 x Solar Charging Cable (MC Four to DC7909)
1 x User Manual