180W 43200Mah/160wh Portable Power Station Emergency Energy Supply Power Bank Battery Generator Backup Lithium Battery For Outing Travel Camping Garden Caravan for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Portable Power Devices

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Product Specification


Built-in battery technology

 100% original high quality lithium ion battery

Rated battery energy

 160Wh, 43200mAH

Input charging power

 CC/CV 15V/2A

Working environment temperature


Storage temperature


AC inverter output

 110V-50HZ 180W

DC output

 9V-12V/15A MAX

USB output


Rated power



 9*9*19CM/3.5*3.5*7.4 IN



Working environment humidity



1.Portable, beautiful and easy to use.

2.Using advanced lithium battery manufacturing process, strong output energy.

3.Provide AC output and DC output two different output modes to match the demand of different electronic products.

4.This product can be used in both on-line UPS power supply and outdoor emergency standby power supply.

5.The product is equipped with multiple lithium batteries, with a total capacity of 3.7V 43200mah (160Wh).After the electricity, in the case of not shutting down, it can be used for 3~6 hours for ordinary household desktop computers.

6.3 charging methods.Meet different scenarios.It has three charging methods: AC / Solar / Car Charger, which can meet the requirements of various devices. It has a multi-interface design and multiple devices can be charged at the same time.

7.160Wh large capacity.Excellent compatibility.Equipped with 18650 lithium ion battery, powerful battery, compatibility is more durable than ordinary battery.

Package included:

1x Portable energy station

1x Adapter(EU/AU/US/UK)

1x Instructions