Portable Gravity Pneumatic Sandblaster Sprayer Tool Sandblasting Machine Removing Spot Rust for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Pneumatic Tools

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Product Specification


- Portable, easy to store and transport.
- Adjustable, sandblast with your preferred airflow.
- Lightweight, prevents muscle fatigue and discomfort.
- Ergonomic design allows for comfortable sandblasting and total control of the tool.
- It is a handheld sandblaster that will allow you to remove rust, scale, and corrosion even in tight spaces.


Material: Plastic Housing
Pressure: 90 psi
Capacity: 21lbs
Consumption of air: 7cfm
Connector: 1/4 inch

Package included:

1 x Sandblaster
1 x Nozzle

Details Pictures: