FUJIWARA Electric Pneumatic Nail Guns Straight Nail, U-nail, F15/F20/ F25/ F30(15-30MM) 422J U-(4mm width,22mm length) for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


Price: 0.0006541 BTC

Pneumatic Tools

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Product Specification

Package Included:

Type A:

1 x box of F15 Straight Nail(about 4000 pcs)

Type B:

1 x box  of F20 Straight Nail(about 4000 pcs)

Type C:

1 x box  of F25 Straight Nail(about 4000 pcs)
Type D:

1 x box  of F30 Straight Nail(about 4000 pcs)
Type E:

1 x box  of 422J U-nail(about 1500 pcs)