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Product Specification


Chain holds and locks around any shape or size. Ideal for awkward shape pieces.
Classic trigger release provides maximum locking force.
Easy to operate, even with gloves on
Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work and remains in adjusted position for repetitive use.
Corrosion-resistant chrome plated finish
Handle Size: (230mm), Chain Size:  (490mm)
19 in. chain clamps any shape up to 6 in. diameter
If you need to get a solid grip in a tight space, this chain clamp is the ideal tool.
The durable chain clamp grips tight on any object up to 19 in. in circumference.
With a hardened steel construction, this locking clamp holds and removes many differently shaped items easily.


19 inch(48cm) length chain can clamp any shape up to 6" diameter
Suitable for tight spaces
Material: Pliers: Q345; Chain: 40Mn
Heat treated

Package included:

1 x 9 Inch Chain Clamp Plier

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