100Pcs Polyester Swab Sticks Microfiber Cleaning Head Swab For Solvent Printer Optical Equipment for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Material: Cotton, Polyester
Quantity: 100Pcs


a This swab is an excellent swab for cleaning parts and assemblies in confined thin groove space where thickness height is a major concern. 
b Its double layer knitted microfiber polyester head possesses high level of cleanliness and excellent solvent resistant and is the ideal swab to use effectively in eliminating contamination on surfaces and cleaning small slotted and grooved areas. 
c This Swab is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amide or phthalate esters.
d It features very low non-volatile residue (NVR), ion content and particle generation. Microfiber Swabs is excellent for general purpose cleaning. 
cleanroom swab,100 pcs/bag,  general cleaning as small areas in electrica surface.
e Laundered and packed under an ISO 5 Cleanroom, The foam exhibits low particles and ion content.
f It has excellent compatibility with most solvents including acetone as well as excellent absorbency and solvent-holding capacity .

Package Included
1×100Pcs Polyester Swab Sticks Microfiber Cleaning Head Swab